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Hello. Welcome back…and How are YOU doing today? A week has passed. Have you used your greeting phrase? How was your diction? Did anyone notice? Did YOU notice any difference in how people respond to you? If so, good for you! If not, keep listening. You may be so intent on speaking clearly that so forgot to listen.


So what do we do now? Well, first we build on what we started. Is there another phrase you use often? Perhaps, See y’ lat’r. (see you later)


You choose. We don’t want to change who you are or haw you relate to people. We want to enhance your impact on them.

These points that we will cover are not just for singing, but for being a more interesting speaker as well.


This week: Pull out a little recording device. Tape yourself. It doesn’t matter what you say. We’re listening for the range of your speech. Is it low in your range? Do you feel it sitting down in the base of your throat? If so, it’s probably NOT your natural range and if not, it’s very wearing on your voice. Here are some other ways to tell if you are not using the proper range for your voice. If you talk a great deal, does your voice get tired? Do you get a little hoarse when you talk on a long car trip? When you speak, does your head come up and do you feel your eyes brighten, or is your chest collapsed and your chin down…your eyes feel dead? If the latter is true, not only are you wearing your voice out, but you’re probably not the most engaging conversationalist.


What to do? Well, first, pretend you are a five year old brat taunting your little sister. Scrunch up your nose and in your brattiest voice, sing ne ne nene ne, you can’t have my ice cream! Now do it again. This time, take note of where you feel it. Is it up front, just behind your upper front teeth? Good! Now, what range did you naturally go to? Was it higher than you speak? I bet it was. Now do it one more time and as soon as you finish, put on your biggest smile and say (in the same range) “How are YOU today?” Did your eyes light up? Did the phrase sound a bit musical? This is probably much closer to your natural speaking range. I KNOW! It sounds ridiculous! Don’t worry. After all, we WERE exaggerating. In time, and with practice, you will find the happy medium that is right for you. Be brave. Experiment! Those of you who already sing or have studied can try the ne ne and the smile while you sing a song.

So let the bratty child within you out (better at home for a while). He/She will help you find your original voice.


Ne ne nene ne,


Bye for now!